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Many years of research has confirmed that crack sealing is the most cost-effective method of pavement preservation. The CRAFCO system provides an economical way to extend the life of asphalt and concrete pavements. Many studies and analysis have proven that when cracks are sealed at the proper time, two to four years of added pavement life can be expected before other treatments are required. Many studies have shown that every 1,- Cent spent on the crack sealing will save 4,- Cents in the later rehabilitation costs. With other treatments, costs are several times more per square meter therefore "when budgets are tight ... the time to seal is right!"

Cracking in asphalt and concrete pavement will occur; it is only a matter of time. Pavement cracks are inevitable, and without proper maintenance and repair will lead to accelerated cracking or potholes further impairing the life and serviceability of the pavement.

Sealant selection
The most optimized sealant for the given conditions must be chosen before each application. In first place it is necessary to define if it is:
- Crack Filling
- Crack Sealing
- Joint Sealing
Each type of crack/joint differs in its reason of origin and the size of movements, in which it occurs. That is why our sealants differ in their elastic properties and thus it is necessary to choose the right type.

There are also great demands placed on the sealants due to the climate conditions in the locality and this mainly by the difference between the lowest and the highest temperatures, which occur during the year. From a wide range of CRAFCO Inc. products we have chosen only those materials that are designed for our climate conditions. All sealants that we offer are proved on many road constructions, not only in our country but also all around the world.

- Crack Filling: this procedure consists of filling cracks to stop moisture from penetrating to the subbase of those pavements which are in a fair to poor condition, i.e. there are many cracks on the pavements, but there is no structural failure on the pavement yet. There should be filled the cracks with movements smaller than 4 mm. You will conserve or improve the road condition by filling these cracks and extend its life by an average of 6 to 8 years.

- Crack Sealing: this is a procedure of sealing the cracks to stop moisture from penetrating to the subbase of those pavements which are in a good condition, so they have a sound base and exhibit distress in the form of thermal or working cracks with movements bigger than 4 mm. The most common type are transverse cracks spaced at over 6 meters. Generally, all procedures when sealing cracks include the extension of crack by routing. Crack sealing usually extends the life of the pavement for 5 to 9 years.

- Joint Sealing: sealing concrete pavement joints is required to stop moisture from entering and deteriorating the subbase of the pavement. The most cost-effective method of ensuring optimum performance of a PCC pavement is by constructing a sound joint seal system that will last.

Table of CRAFCO materials uses


Part number

Product name

Crack filling

Crack sealing

Joint sealing

Railway sealing in AC/PCC

Repairs and patching

Bridge asphaltic plug joints

Waterproof isolation

34202 Parking Lot Sealant EN  X X     X X  
34211 RoadSaver 211 EN X X X        
34515 RoadSaver 515 EN     X X      
34241 Asphalt Rubber Plus 241 EN X X          
34244 Asphalt Rubber Plus 244 EN X X   X      
34902 RoadSaver Silicone 902 NSL     X        
34903 RoadSaver Silicone 903 EN SL     X        
10233 SABA Sealer Field     X        
34952 TechCrete X     X X X  
34551 Waterproofing membrane             X
34656 Superseal LowMod     X        

To determine the amount of sealant required for your project click on the sealant calculator. 

Sealant Usage Calculator


Hot applied bitumen sealants

Cold applied sealants

Special fuel resistant sealants



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