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REKMA - Trading, spol. s r.o.

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Company REKMA Ltd. was established in 1991 in Slovakia and is focused on special repairs and maintenance of asphalt and cement-concrete surfaces of highways, roads, airports and bridges. Thanks to cooperation with an American company CRAFCO Inc., REKMA began to expand gradually into the neighboring countries and its today structure began to form. There were established companies in six countries of the Central Europe - in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia.  From 2007 REKMA Ltd. also initiated an active cooperation with partners in Italy, Sweden and England.  By implementing new technologies and experiences not only from the Crafco Inc. company, REKMA Ltd. has built up a strong position on the market in a short time.

Thanks to its progressive development became REKMA Ltd. an authorized distributor of CRAFCO Inc. for countries of the Central Europe. This was an impulse for the trading company establishment. The company REKMA-Trading Ltd. became an exclusive distributor not only of the materials and machinery of the CRAFCO Inc. company, but also during its activity it became an authorized distributor also of other significant companies – International CHEM-CRETE Corporation (USA) and Keizer-Morris International (USA). REKMA Ltd. has currently technologies focused on extending the life of concrete and asphalt surfaces of airports, highways, roads, bridges, parking lots and industrial floors. Thus we can offer complex services from mechanical equipment to the proper choice of materials. We offer an alternative resulting in a systemic approach, quality, financial savings and extension of the life of pavement surfaces.

Quality of the final product of our company is approved by many demanding investors in the Czech and Slovak Republic, Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary where a whole range of special road works at important facilities in their administration was performed. REKMA Ltd. obtained a certificate of quality ČSN EN ISO 9001 : 2001 for special pavement repairs, i.e. repair of cracks, joints and potholes on asphalt-concrete and cement-concrete surfaces such as airports, highways, roads, tramways and water reservoirs. From 2009 has our company also certificates of Management System ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009; ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 a ČSN EN OHSAS 18001:2008. 
Machine equipment CRAFCO™ for the maintenance and repair of pavements is the highest quality equipment in the world market. This is approved by the fact that REKMA Ltd. is registered in CCR – Central Contractor Registration of US government and is a holder of NATO Commercial and Government entity code (NCAGE) from Defense Standardization, Logistic and Quality verifying Bureau, Department of Defense. 

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